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By introducing our own dex we are able to provide the lowest fees on FTM chain (0.1%) Based Labs team is happy with our addition which already plays a crucial part in our ecosystem. By providing liquidity using our dex our investors are exposed to larger trading volumes which means higher returns on investment. On top of this our DEX features a custom tax addition to any token, custom based holding discount incentive program, better UI and faster calculation times which is currently being adjusted to adopt multi-chain usability!

Current Based Holdings that provide discounts on trades:


Stake your LP tokens or NFTs to earn SMELT tokens!

Smelt Reward Pool will be emitting rewards for min of 799 days (2 and 69 Days). Farming options supported:

  • OBOL-FTM-LP pool

  • SMELT-FTM-LP pool

  • NFT staking pool for Prometheus (will be running for the whole length of Based Next Gen (2 years))

Our Farming Pools emit receipt tokens meaning with every deposit investor will receive same exact amount of receipt tokens depending on which pool is used! This will allow us to deepen liquidity on our tokens and drive trading volumes to our DEX!


  • Epoch duration: 24 Hours

  • Deposits / Withdrawal of SMELT into/from boardroom will lock SMELT for 3 epochs and OBOL rewards for 1 epochs.

  • OBOL rewards claim will lock staked SMELT for 3 epochs and the next OBOL rewards can be claimed the very next epoch

Boardroom UI Available Information

Next PRINT indicates a countdown timer to the next epoch. (Each epoch duration lasts for 24 hours)

APR refers to the simple returns in USD value relative to the amount of SMELT staked (USD value). Note: APR fluctuates from time to time and is dependent on certain factors such as:

  • Price of OBOL

  • Price of SMELT

  • Amount of SMELT staked in Boardroom (Locked Value)


We are happy to introduce first of a kind risk free SMELT NODES!

Main difference is this mechanism allows you to lock your SMELT and receive back SMELT and also RFV equivalent in chosen asset at time of purchase! Please refer to our medium for exact details on how TWISTED NODES work and how benefit they bring to BASED ecosystem! https://medium.com/@basedfinance/based-next-gen-twisted-nodes-8cd02166ec37


This great tool allows us to build custom OTC exchanges to accommodate any type of transition from one asset to another , control Treasury holdings and allow partial market swap vs full market swap by reducing price impact to 0 and saving on fees.

Currently it gives ability to our investors to swap SMELT to OBOL tax free - since there is 10% sell tax on SMELT - it gives our investors ability to build up OBOL-FTM-LP with no impact at all!



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