🖼️NFTs (Prometheus collection)

Utility for Based v1 in Next Gen

Based Labs is happy to announce that Prometheus is Finally HERE!

Omni-chain NFT that can be bridged to 9 EVM compatible chains right away! We launched our first of a kind Slow Mint mechanic using $BBOND token.

The Prometheus collection will directly provide Utility to the Based v1 token

This mechanism provides a slow constant burn on $BASED token while avoiding dilution of the staking pools made for Prometheus in Based Next Gen protocol!

Based Lab's vision is to keep burning supply of $BASED and OBOL with every new protocol launched on any chain. It will have direct impact on circulating supply and health of the Based ecosystem.

We are happy to announce our NFT dashboard and portal:

Omniportal will let you transfer easily your NFTs between wallets and bridge your NFTs to other chains! Future plans include on development of a Launchpad for new collections(current mint page will be transformed into it) that wish to take part in NFT development in the space, take advantage of our ecosystem that can accommodate as NFTs as well as ERC20 tokens out of the box and acquire many partners in DeFi space.

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